“Young at Heart” Senior Communities

Ed Collins is creating memorable experiences for many “young at heart” senior community residences throughout Chicagoland. Transporting the residents from their dining halls to their favorite restaurants and supper clubs of yesterday, Ed plays the music they love from the most memorable decades of their youth.


Eddie’s love for the “Young at Heart” Senior Communities stems from his love for his mom Nancy.   Nancy, in the autumn of her life, found herself in a community of the “young at heart.”  Her love for her family, music and her son made an impact on Eddie he will forever be grateful for.

Eddied played the piano tunes his mom loved from Mack the Knife to the 40’s to Ray Conniff and more during her dinner hours every week.   Nancy smiled, sang and tapped her hands and feet to every tune as Eddie’s piano music filled the room.  No longer in their dining hall, Nancy and her fellow “young at heart” residents were “out on the town” at their favorite restaurants, supper clubs and bars from their younger years.

The power of music and how it positively impacted the “young at heart” has deeply impacted Eddie.   His mission and ministry, in honor and memory of his Mom Nancy, is to bring music, memories and joy for an hour or two during the dinner hour for the “young at heart.”