Celebrate Piano Day 2019 – Live Concert March 29, 2019 7:15 pm CST Facebook / Instagram Live Feed

88 keys on a piano and Ed Collins plays each and every single one with all his heart and soul.  But long before he played with such pizzazz — he played the simple song every other piano player started playing …. Chopsticks!  Sit back and enjoy a short story and some chopsticks to celebrate Piano Day 2019.

As a 4th grader at St. James Grade School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Ed embarked on his piano career.  Under the diligent and determined guidance of Sister Amabilia, Ed learned the notes, melodies and rhythms of the ivories.  Early songs he mastered included Alley Cat and Five Foot Two — music to his parents’ ears.
For three years Ed trained and competed in the annual Chicago Archdiocese Piano Competition consecutively winning the top piano player award in his class.  The third year he was recognized as the top player throughout the entire Archdiocese which included all grade schools and levels.  He was awarded this title after playing seven pages of  Chopsticks.

The music In Ed’s soul deepened and during his college years his piano playing took off with a vengeance.  Jackson Browne, Elton John and rock n’ roll became the driving influence into the passion Ed carries in his piano style to this day.

The first prize medals for his rendition of Chopsticks may be long gone, but the music in his soul remains.  Today the music of Making Memories With Ed Collins is enjoyed by audiences in corporate and private events, weddings, retail environments and Ed’s favorite “young at heart” senior communities.

You’re invited to a live concert feed to celebrate Piano Day  Friday, March 29, 2019 7:15 pm CST on our Making Memories With Ed Collins Facebook and Instagram  pages