Our Salute to the Seniors

“Young at Heart” Senior Community Dinner Entertainment

Many of you may already know how much Eddie loves playing for the “young at heart” senior communities throughout Chicago ever since he started playing in his mom’s senior community years ago.   

These days the “young at heart” senior communities are closed to visitors to keep the seniors healthy and safe.  This includes entertainers.  So we recorded 80 minutes of Eddie playing many of the “young at heart” songs the seniors love.   If you know someone in a senior community, please feel free to share this link with them so they can have an hour or so of musical entertainment until Eddie can come back and play in person and live.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNJQKDazaF8&t=4s

If you enjoy the music and would like Ed to play for your loved ones community please call today.    312-805-3213

We also are hosting Saturday evening concerts LIVE on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Like Making Memories With Ed Collins on social media to receive updates on our concerts and join the fun!
We love our “young at heart” seniors!    Remember we are all #InThisTogether